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Located in the heart of the Staffordshire Moorlands with picturesque views of Rudyard Lake, Wilderness Academy offers young people the opportunity to immerse themselves in nature, camp in the woods, learn new skills and take part in a range of fun, exciting activities with their friends.

Working in teams, pupils will spend their days exploring the forest and learning bushcraft skills, whilst their evenings will be spent sat around the campfire, sharing stories and reviewing their experiences. The programme has been designed to focus on personal development which includes life skills, decision making, communication and team work.

Why Choose Wilderness Academy?

Improves Mental Health and Wellbeing

During the winter months, young people spend more time indoors away from natural light, which has a profound effect on mental health. Wilderness Academy provides substantial time outdoors, helping to improve wellbeing and inspire exploration in the natural world.

Teaches Conservation

A key theme that runs through our learning programme is conservation. Young people will learn the importance of respecting and preserving the natural environment - adopting this mindset to take into adulthood.

Meets the Ofsted Framework

Ofsted recommends that schools evaluate the quality of learning outside the classroom to ensure that it has maximum impact on learners’ achievement, personal development and wellbeing. Wilderness Academy can help you meet these recommendations.

Activities include...

  • Shelter Building and Fire Lighting

  • Campfire Sessions

  • Cook Campfire Food

  • Learn Navigational Skills

  • Learn Wilderness First Aid

  • Tracking and Wilderness Games

  • Wildlife Camera Traps

  • Water Purification 

Wilderness Academy inspires young people to explore the outdoors, and continue their exploration into adult life. Conservation and respect for the outdoor world is also a key theme that runs through our learning programme.



Arrival and Introduction

Site Brief and Tent Allocation,

Ice Breakers and Energisers


Shelter Building, Fire Lighting Bushtucker Cooking,

Wildlife Camera Traps

Evening Meal

Woodland Games

Bed Time



Woodland Adventure Walk
Navigation & Countryside Code, review of Wildlife Camera Traps


Tracking Skills & Man Tracker 

Evening Meal



Pack up Camp



Review and Conclusion


This is an example learning programme, activities maybe subject to change.

We have designed our programme to maximise excitement, learning, personal development and fun, resulting in what we consider to be a truly magical outdoor experience. We offer both 2-day and 3-day programmes, with a typical 3-day itinerary looking as follows...

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