Resilience. Determination. Self Belief.

An insightful, thought provoking talk aimed at inspiring us to achieve our dreams whilst reducing the stress of everyday life.


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Its a fundamental right to be at peace with ourselves...

The mental health of children, young people and adults is a growing concern. People are spending more time indoors and in front of screens which is having a considerable impact on health and well-being.


Using an interactive presentation, our motivational speaker Paul Griffiths delivers an insightful and thought-provoking talk aimed at inspiring us to achieve our dreams, whilst minimising the stress and pressure of every day life. Talks can be delivered to Primary and Secondary pupils as well as school staff.



  • Achieving a growth mindset 

  • Increased focus and motivation

  • Enhanced well-being

  • Stress reduction before exams

  • Success, purpose and self-belief

  • Positive attitude and ambition

Our motivational talks are available for:

  • Conferences and events

  • Exam preparation

  • School assemblies

  • Staff inset days

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“Paul set Redhill on an emotional journey through which he captured the imagination and heart of every child. Paul ensured that every child experienced the world outside of their front door. We would recommend Paul to any school that wants to encourage and foster a resilient approach to learning and life.”

- Libby Banks, Headteacher Redhill Primary School

“Incredibly in-tune with the audience with a natural ability to pick up on the vibes of the audience. The impact you had on the staff was phenomenal”

- Ellie Balanger, Deputy Headteacher, Brownhills West School

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