Explorer Assemblies


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Our explorer assemblies will no doubt leave pupils fired up and motivated. They will discover the perils of exploration and adventure through an interactive presentation.  

Our explorer Paul Griffiths, will visit your school and teach pupils about the spirit of exploration. This FREE half-hour assembly will leave your pupils buzzing with the possibilities that lie ahead of them, and reflecting on their current approach to their learning. Paul’s dynamic personality perfectly represents the passion that we have for outdoor education and for exploring the natural world.

“In a world where our lives have become almost virtual, if we want real adventure WE have to initiate it…by standing still and becoming part of the landscape our significance may become clear...the outdoors can provide this and much more…it’s a way of life and an important  journey that should start from an early age.”

Paul Griffiths, Entrust Outdoors

Explorer Assembly Review - by S.Locke, Sir Thomas Boughey Academy


I contacted Paul searching for help and advice to enthuse the year 9 students to be a part of year 9 camp this Summer. He came in to school to meet me and have a look at the facilities the school could provide to enable him to deliver his presentation.

Paul was outstanding and delivered two sessions to half a year a group at a time. Each session had the pupils full attention for an hour, keeping them both interested and involved. Paul is not only a good story teller, but he also puts a personal touch to his delivery - being very thorough about keeping the content both aspirational but also realistic for the pupils to relate to.

The love and passion that shines from Paul is clear for the pupils to see and feel. His drive to want to influence  others and help them see the bigger picture of life and also for them to challenge their ordinary lives with adventure and weighed risks. The students comments were of ‘miss I actually really enjoyed that. I feel inspired and we are defiantly going on camp as that’s going to be my first step. I want to try new things and have fun with my friends at the same time’